Audit. Troubleshoot. Remember.

Changes to your application environment can affect compliance, availability and security.

Congruence gives you change awareness so you can solve problems faster.

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Congruence helps solve the problems of complex software systems

Your business depends on complex software systems. That software is always evolving. Changes add new features, fix bugs, and scale your systems.

But changes also cause risk. Changes can cause systems to fail in complex ways. Changes can cause compliance violations, security holes, and more.

To understand how your system changes, you need help. You need Congruence.

What Congruence Does


Everybody hates auditing. Audits are frustrating, tedious, confusing, time-consuming, and error-prone. Congruence helps by creating labeled, machine-generated benchmarks across your entire system configuration. Any changes after the audit point are automatically detected, so engineers and auditors can review easily.


Configuration changes are the primary cause of system failures. Symptoms do not always point directly to causes. Congruence shows you a history of changes across your entire system, so you can easily trace root causes - even when those causes cross technical or organizational boundaries.


Your system is constantly evolving. Applications get updated, patches are applied, new servers added, old infrastructure retired. Changes might be automated, or manual, intentional or unintentional. Congruence tracks them all for you. Review the history of every component. Insure planned changes happened, and know everything each change touches.

How Congruence works

Congruence Server

Congruence is a SaaS application with agents.

Agents and Monitors

Congruence uses monitor programs to collect information from your environment. Agents manage the monitors, and transmit data to the Congruence server.


Save Time

Find root causes to problems faster, so you can fix them faster.

Save Money

Downtime is expensive! The faster you're up again, the more money you save.

Save Face

Look good to your customers. Look good to your management.

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